January 23, 2023 Quinn Taplin

A recent survey revealed that 76% of people watch video content before buying a product. Video-based storytelling is becoming increasingly popular as social media influencers use it to promote products. Additionally, video meetings with prospects and customers are now a regular occurrence in the business world.

Video content marketing is a powerful tool to engage with your target audience, build a strong brand reputation, and drive organic growth. With the use of video conferencing, podcasts (with video), and livestreams, you can reach more people and make more connections than ever before. Whether it’s a sales call, a product demo, or a live Q&A session, by making your video content compelling and engaging, you can increase your reach, brand visibility, and credibility. Leverage the power of video to create dynamic, engaging content that will help you stand out from the competition.

1. Brand Positioning

Positioning is the process of establishing a brand or product in a particular market. It involves defining the unique characteristics of a product or service, as well as creating a brand identity that is attractive and relevant to consumers. Positioning helps set a product or service apart from competitors, while also helping to define its value to customers. This can be done through various marketing activities, such as determining market segments, setting competitive pricing, and creating a unique brand image. Ultimately, the goal of positioning is to make a product or service stand out in the minds of consumers, in order to increase sales and market share.

2. Differentiation

Differentiation is the process of making your brand, product or service stand out from the competition. It entails developing a unique identity that resonates with customers and is significantly different from what other competitors are offering. Differentiation involves creating a distinct brand image, developing a compelling value proposition, and creating a differentiated customer experience. Differentiation is key to setting yourself apart from the competition and creating a lasting impression on customers.

3. Distribution

Distribution is the process of getting your videos out to the right audience. It involves selecting the right platforms, channels, and tactics to reach your desired viewers. You can use SEO, social media, email, and other methods to connect with viewers and distribute your videos. You need to consider the type of video, target audience, and overall goals when selecting the right distribution tactics. Additionally, you should monitor results to measure the success of your distribution efforts.

4. Engagement

Stories captivate customers, creating deeper and more meaningful conversations. It is important to craft a story that positions the customer as the hero and sets your brand apart from the competition. The storytelling platform and medium you choose to use should be tailored to the audience you are trying to reach. For instance, video platforms like TikTok have their own conventions and specific formats to consider. Video meetings, podcasts, and livestream productions provide another avenue to tell your brand’s story. It is important to ensure that the tone and timbre of these engagements are in line with your desired story.

5. Presence

Being present is the key to leaving a lasting impression. When you show up on camera with more than is expected, you can surprise people. Presence is more than what you say, it’s about how you carry yourself with confidence and power. With this presence, you can be more persuasive and memorable.


Video has become an essential element of digital content marketing. All videos, from virtual meetings and podcasts to e-learning and social media, must be carefully considered and evaluated. To ensure success in this new medium, keep in mind five basic rules: video should support your business objectives; the content should be engaging and relevant; production quality should be high; the video should be properly optimized; and, finally, the audience should be considered. With these guidelines in mind, you can create videos that will have a positive impact on your digital marketing strategy.

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