January 12, 2022 Quinn Taplin

If you’re a small business owner looking at ways to convert new customers into loyal buyers, branding is an excellent place to start. Get it right, and it has the power to both influence and inspire and create change. To help you get started, Taps Media presents some advice in the article below.

What Is Branding?

Branding helps customers identify your products or services and distinguishes you from your competitors. It typically includes a phrase, design, or idea that sticks in the minds of consumers. This helps your customers understand what you offer and how you differ from your rivals.

Its Influence on the Consumer

Here’s how much branding influences customers.

  1. Around 59% of consumers favor products from a brand they’re familiar with.
  2. 21% of shoppers bought new products from a brand they liked.
  3. 38% of mothers are more likely to buy products from brands that women like on Facebook.

Brand attributes that matter most to customers are:

  1. Trustworthiness: 31%
  2. Creativeness: 29%
  3. Intelligence: 23%
  4. Authenticity: 22%
  5. Confidence: 21%

No standout attribute influences a customer’s decision to buy. Instead, multiple attributes can affect purchase decisions, which is why you must get your branding right if you want to reach your target market.

Reaching Your Target Market

First, define your target audience. This is crucial to boosting sales and creating brand loyalty. You can reach your audience by creating valuable and relevant content, which can be displayed in several ways, including video marketing from Taps Media.

Blog posts and articles are other ways. They may not work as well as visuals, but they can still grab your audience’s attention. Social media is an invaluable tool for establishing a new brand. It allows you to connect with your target audience by using a combination of images, text, and videos.

Professional Help

A graphic or web designer can help with your ideas, such as logos, typestyle, and colors. When communicating with them, instead of just compressing your JPG files conventionally, which can result in lower image quality, use a PDF converter to turn images into PDF files and preserve their quality. Even better, using the tool can convert multiple JPG files into one PDF, eliminating the need to email numerous images.

Time For Change

Early signs that your marketing and branding strategies need adapting include your brand becoming outdated. You can help protect your business against such an issue by revising your product line and focusing on your core competencies. Your brand may also have outgrown itself, in which case, ensure it reflects the way your business is growing, rather than being held back by rigid constraints that define your brand.

Sharpening Your Business Skills

Earning a business degree could allow you to develop your business acumen. An online degree program lets you study for your diploma without affecting full-time work or other obligations. When looking for an online school, ensure it’s accredited and offers competitive rates.

A Loyal Customer Base

If you want to build a relationship with your audience, you must get your branding right. It helps you create trust with your target audience, so your customers will return. You can build a loyal customer base through branding by following some of the valuable tips above.

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