April 28, 2022 Quinn Taplin

Developing a team of freelancers into a satisfied and successful unit can be tricky. Utilizing freelance workers in today’s market makes good business sense, though, and for many businesses, doing so allows them to save money, make quality hires and cultivate growth. For ways to perfect your freelance team setup, check out the guide below from Taps Media.

1. Get Them Hired

Digiday notes that one striking benefit of using a team of remote freelancers is that you are no longer limited to a small pool of potential applicants. Workers worldwide can accept contract work, allowing you to find premium potential contractors for a reasonable wage. You can use traditional means of finding new employees such as listing job ads on GlassDoor, but there are other, more modern ways, as well.

Online job marketplaces are an excellent place to find freelancers. For example, Guru allows you to search for potential hires from specific countries. If you want to hire freelancers from the U.K., you can do so by narrowing your search down on the PeoplePerHour website.

2. Get Them Connected

Having a clear line of communication open to your freelancers and keeping your team connected is absolutely essential when running a remote team. Whatever the drawbacks to an office setting, one benefit is that employees have ample time to cultivate relationships over shared meals, breaks and space. While that can’t be completely recreated over the internet, the same sort of bonds can be formed when efforts are made to establish positive working relationships. As the business owner, it’s important that you in particular are available to your employees so that they know they have a person they can trust and rely on.

Collaboration platforms that allow your team to interact seamlessly are essential in today’s climate. There are many high-quality free and paid options available that offer different services, so research your options to determine what works best for you and your business.

While email is a tried and true means of communication, it does have some drawbacks, especially when trying to share large-format pictures. For teams busy trying to develop marketing materials and design options, this can be a real problem. Take advantage of JPG to PDF converters that allow you to convert your large JPGs into more easily shared PDF files. You can even convert multiple files at once to create a single PDF for optimal ease of transference.

3. Get Them Paid

Paying freelancers can be trickier than traditional positions at first as you adjust to the requirements unique to contract work. If your employees are overseas, this can add extra challenges to the payroll process. According to Deel, this should not be a barrier to hiring international contractors as the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

This is even more true when you use a money transfer service with low fees. These services have easy-to-use interfaces that allow you to get your paychecks into the hands of your freelancers regardless of where they call home. Do your research to ensure you are following the regulations regarding contract work in your country and that of the contractors you work with to avoid fees and other difficulties that might arise from payroll mistakes.

Keeping a freelance team happy and productive doesn’t have to be a struggle. Find the right talent and cultivate strong relationships with them to give your business the results it deserves and the outcomes you desire.

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