March 2, 2023 Quinn Taplin

In 2022, the Arizona Motion Picture Program was legally established, and only a few weeks after new film incentives went into effect, the state is already witnessing positive outcomes.

With the introduction of the Arizona Motion Picture Program, there is hope that Arizona’s film industry can be revitalized, as more production companies are encouraged to film within the state through incentives provided by the program. Starting from March 23, applications for the Arizona Motion Picture Program will be accepted, which aims to provide tax breaks to filmmakers up to $125 million as an incentive.

This exciting program, which came into effect on January 1st, 2023, is specifically designed to promote the workforce and expand opportunities within the industry.

Approved productions are eligible for some amazing tax credits, including 15% for productions up to $10 million, 17.5% for productions between $10 million and $35 million, and a whopping 20% for productions exceeding $35 million.

But that’s not all, the Arizona Film Office has also partnered with the Navajo Nation and Sonora, Mexico, to expand filming opportunities for Arizona-based productions, creating even more exciting prospects for filmmakers.

To ensure that Arizona is ready for the coming boom in film and TV production, the Arizona Commerce Authority has teamed up with five community colleges to offer a certification program for production assistants provided by the Arizona Production Association. With plans to train over 2,000 production assistants over the next five years, the state is ready to shine brighter than ever before.

The main reason for pursuing these film projects is the significant economic impact they bring to the region. The program will provide tax breaks worth up to $75 million in 2023, which will increase to $125 million the following year. One of the primary incentives of the program is the increase in labor costs when hiring Arizona local residents.

The program will have a positive impact on the local economy and a lot of local film crew are going to be able to work. Businesses like restaurants and hotels are going to be completely filled. In the past, Arizona ranked third among locations frequently used for movie production, following California and New York. Full-scale productions are expected to be seen, along with overflow from California and New Mexico, despite the fact that scenes have been shot throughout the state over the years.

The Grand Canyon State is not your typical film location, and that’s precisely what makes it so unique. With its breathtaking landscapes, from the red rocks of Sedona to the Saguaro National Park, it’s no wonder that thousands of movies, TV shows, and commercials have been filmed here since Arizona became a state in 1912.

The state’s Motion Picture Production Program requires productions to credit Arizona as the filming location, but that’s not all. Pre-production, post-production, and editing work must also take place within the state, increasing opportunities for local Arizona residents and rental houses.

While success may not come overnight, with the state’s Motion Picture Production Program and its diverse and stunning landscapes, Arizona is sure to become a go-to destination for filmmakers seeking unique and captivating backdrops for their projects.

Looking to learn more about Arizona’s film incentives? Click here to get all the details.

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