May 10, 2021 Quinn Taplin

Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a photographer or video producer in Arizona. Or perhaps you’re interested in starting an event videography business in Phoenix. Ultimately, you have a creative idea for a brand new company – yet you’re wondering if you should really move forward with a business launch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But opening a profitable business in the midst of the pandemic is possible, especially with digital marketing support from a video production company like TAPS Media. These tips will help you get off to a strong start!

Register Your Business

First things first: you’ll need to register your business as an LLC in your state. The rules vary across states, so research your specific requirements. While you can choose from other business structures, small business owners get plenty of perks with LLC registration, like tax breaks, limited liability, and flexibility.

Working with a lawyer can make the process easier, but it’s definitely going to cost you. Rather than trying to go through the process on your own, you can use an affordable online formation service for the sake of convenience.

Budget Carefully

Whether you want to run a video production company in Phoenix or become a director of photography, it’s entirely possible to start landing clients right away. However, due to the economic circumstances caused by the pandemic, you will want to budget for your business expenses very carefully.

Create a business budget and look for areas where you can save. For instance, when it comes to buying equipment, Kabbage recommends buying used rather than new when possible. You can also try negotiating with suppliers for more reasonable prices.

Leverage Your Network

How can you find your first clients if you can’t network in person? Start with your personal network! Let people in your personal and professional circles know that you’re opening for business, and give them an idea of what kind of services you’re offering. You never know who might need a photographer or video producer in Phoenix!

Invest in Digital Marketing

Since lots of people are patronizing businesses online, you’ll need to focus on digital marketing for the time being. Start by setting up your small business website – PaySimple recommends checking out the websites of other businesses for ideas on structure, design, and functionality. You’ll also want to implement a social media marketing strategy to gain more visibility for your business. For a special touch, producing high-quality videos can spruce up your website or Instagram page!

Establish Safety Protocols

If you start a business while dealing with the ongoing pandemic, you’ll have some special considerations to take into account. You will need to establish safety procedures to protect yourself, your customers, and any employees or contractors. Without specific safety protocols, customers or clients may not feel totally comfortable working with you.

So, what can you do to reassure your clients? Try to reduce the number of in-person interactions to a minimum and conduct transactions and meetings online when possible. When you do have to work with someone in person, bring plenty of hand sanitizer and require mask-wearing! If you will be working in photography or video production, stick with outdoor shoots for now.

Starting a business during the pandemic might seem like a risky move – but what if the risk pays off? With a little ingenuity, you can find a way to make your business succeed during these uncertain times. As the world reopens, you’ll have no trouble thriving as an entrepreneur.

Do you need a video production company to help your business with digital marketing? Taps Media can tackle everything from commercials to ad campaigns!

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